Chesapeake – State of the City

To better service its clients, an engaged association management company stays active in its community and sees the big picture—that a healthy economy sets the backdrop for all parties within its borders to prosper. OMG, headquartered in Chesapeake, Va., attended the State of the City Address on April 15. The event included a message from Bob Sasser, CEO of Chesapeake-based Dollar Tree Inc. (pictured above), and the keynote address by Mayor Alan P. Krasnoff (pictured below). OMG is proud to be a growing part of a growing city.

Chesapeake Mayor Alan P. Krasnoff

OMG's Victoria Hecht with HRRA member Sherry Maser
Our own Victoria Hecht (left) with Hampton Roads REALTORS® Association member Sherry Maser (HRRA is an OMG client).