Another meeting? (Sigh.) Relax. It’s not that bad.

Jackie Sabogal
Executive Director

I bet I know what you’re thinking when that meeting request pops into your inbox:  “Great, another one.”

Am I right?

We live in a fast-paced world where every minute of every work day is filled with something. A report that’s due. An exasperating Excel error. A presentation to be finished. Hundreds of emails.

And then ANOTHER meeting looms on the horizon.

Sure, another meeting may be a stressful prospect, but it needn’t be. Start by determining if the meeting is necessary and, if so, consider the following questions, whether you’re the one planning or an attendee:

•    Are only the necessary people attending? Don’t invite people who don’t need to attend.  If they are key to accomplishing the goal, they should attend.

•    Is this the right time for a meeting? Consider everyone’s schedules and other projects when trying to plan a suitable time.

•    Does everyone understand the purpose for the meeting? Creating an agenda helps keep the meeting organized and on pace.

•    Are all attendees ready to discuss the topics?

•    Will all agenda topics fit the time allotted? When meetings run past their scheduled end time, people’s minds begin thinking of other things that need to be done.

•    Are there other ways to achieve the goal (email, phone call, etc.) without a meeting?

•    Are all of the necessary items available for the meeting (white board, copies, projector, etc.)?

•    Is the meeting space available? Does it need to be scheduled?

Taking a couple of minutes to mentally and physically prepare for a meeting will minimize your stress and (hopefully) make the meeting go by faster (and therefore giving you – and everyone else! – time back to do everything in the busy day).

Good luck!