Donation Drive for HRCVC

By Victoria Hecht
Communications and PR Specialist

Mark our words, OMG is a proud member of VOLUNTEER Hampton Roads’ Corporate VOLUNTEER Council (HRCVC), which supports nonprofits across the region. An OMG team member also serves on the HRCVC Board of Directors.

This summer, as part of the “Summer of Service,” OMGers dug deep to help stock local teachers’ closets as part of HRCVC’s annual back-to-school drive. Did you know that a teacher spends, on average, $500 a year to stock his or her classroom?

OMGers were challenged to collect 400 packages of 10-count magic markers for the drive but went above and beyond, collecting 450 packs. The shipment was delivered Wednesday to the collection site in Virginia Beach.

Thank you to our OMGers for giving generously to this drive and, ultimately, bringing smiles to the faces of kids and teachers across Hampton Roads.

Learn more about VOLUNTEER Hampton Roads and its Corporate VOLUNTEER Council at