NARPM® Virtual Adaptations lead to success

In 2020, the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM®) moved quickly to adapt to the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, and still deliver timely, relevant information to its members. From conferences to education, NARPM® hasn’t slowed down or missed a beat. Some examples of new measures put into place, or ways in which existing offerings were shifted, are outlined below:

  • The NARPM® Legislative & Educational Conference was switched from an in-person conference to a virtual one. An event that typically draws 100 people to Washington DC for a two-day conference and meetings with legislators was turned into two, 3-hour online sessions, in addition to Zoom calls with legislators/constituents on following days. A total of 270 attendees logged on to the virtual conference.
  • NARPM® put together and continues to maintain a COVID-19 Resource Page which curates helpful articles, news and press releases, webinars and other information related to doing business and staying safe during the pandemic.
  • All 6-hour designation classes  were shifted to virtual courses held via Zoom, with instructors and students meeting and interacting online rather than in person. NARPM® has seen an outstanding response from members on the availability of these courses.
  • NARPM® worked with local chapters to hold virtual monthly meetings with members across the country. Attendance has increased from the former face-to- face events.
  • In an ongoing partnership, NARPM® vendors offered educational webinar series to help members with their business during the pandemic.
  • NARPM® created an original up-to-date video series, as well as curated videos from other sources, on the CARES Act and how it affects business owners.
  • NARPM® staff has conducted surveys to reach out to and share with members the various impacts on business, and initiatives that are being implemented, since the beginning of the pandemic.
  • Plans are already underway for the annual fall convention to be presented as a “hybrid” event—part virtual, part in person—with contingencies in place which will enable NARPM® to switch to fully virtual if conditions continue to diminish.

“Pivoting quickly from the more traditional ways of serving members to online vehicles allowed us to continue serving the NARPM® membership across the country, and even introduce more of our members to the education and networking we can offer,” commented Gail Phillips, CAE, NARPM®’s Chief Executive Officer.