Education goes the distance

distance learning

OMG Distance Learning provided the tools and staff to allow Alpha College of Real Estate, North Carolina Academy of Real Estate and other clients to continue operations through virtual platforms such as Zoom and Adobe Connect.

Alpha College of Real Estate and North Carolina Academy of Real Estate (NCARE) both had to pivot to help students caught in the shutdown and to continue operations due to COVID-19. It is because of Alpha’s and NCARE’s partnership with OMG Distance Learning that they were able to move classroom students into a variety of online courses so that the students could continue their path to licensing, continuing education and/or professional development. At the same time, Alpha and NCARE were able to remain open to new students seeking education through distance learning courses.

Since 2008, OMG Distance Learning has helped clients expand their member educational programs and increase their revenues with distance learning tools and solutions. Learn more about these services at