About OMG

OMG!!! We officially opened OMG’s doors in 1999 with nine employees. OMG is now a leading accredited AMC with nearly 50 employees.

Exceeding expectations
Organization Management Group is an outstanding provider of management services to for-profit and non-profit organizations. As volunteers shift positions in healthy organizations, OMG provides not only a breadth and depth of knowledge, but provides for stability and continuity in association programs, products and services. Knowing that professional staff is handling the day-to-day operations of the association can put volunteers at ease, giving them the freedom and time to concentrate on their leadership duties and on their business.

Meeting goals
Our job is to make your organization and its members more successful by delivering an exciting and valuable management experience. We contribute creativity, great customer service and executive leadership. OMG stays cognizant of the big picture and strives to stay ahead of the curve. We will focus on the direction and priorities set by your organization, implementing the necessary actions to achieve them. We know that member retention and growth, net revenue gains, fresh ideas and reasonable costs are critical components.