Accreditation matters.

Just like your association, OMG considers industry certifications to be a source of pride, importance and professionalism. Our accreditation will provide your volunteer leaders with the peace of mind in knowing that they are partnering with a professional organization that consistently meets and exceeds industry standards.

The AMC Institute Accreditation is based on the standards from the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) and provides clients with an additional level of professionalism and performance that separates them from the mainstream.

AMC accredited companies adhere to industry standards, ranging from management and accounting principles to financial standards, hiring practices and other requisites.

Check out this infographic from the AMC Institute on the critical role companies like OMG have in the health and growth of associations.

The Association of the Future Is Connected. AMCs have for decades epitomized the sharing economy. Being part of it can bring your association significant purchasing power and economies of scale. Here’s how.

How does this benefit you?

  • More value with fewer resources
  • Focus on programs that deliver the most benefits to your members
  • An investment of significant time and money to meet or exceed the requirements of the only American National Standard for Association Management Companies
  • Checks and balances are in place to help ensure your association’s money is properly handled
  • A training program for our employees to ensure that the delivery of services meets standards set by the AMC
  • A high level of professionalism and responsibility

Raving Fans

“I find tremendous value in the work that OMG provides to MassMutual GAX. Organization, communication and a collaborative partnership is the key to a successful relationship. I depend on OMG as a strategic partner to stay efficient.”
Joe DiLeo

Joseph DiLeo

Past President, MassMutual General Agents Association

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