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OMG is an outstanding, accredited provider of management services to for-profit and non-profit organizations—and we take it a step further. We don’t just implement your directives, we think about what can be done better; thinking ahead to position you for the future.

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Your association: informed, engaged, supported, and energized! Organization Management Group (OMG) has spent decades helping associations like yours.
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Our Service Areas

Our diverse client roster ensures that no matter what industry you’re in, OMG is the perfect fit.


Physician assistants, occupational therapists, and dental hygienists.

Real Estate

Residential and commercial brokers, agents, single-family and multi-family property managers, appraisers, and housing officials.

Political Action Committees

Organize contribution campaigns, handle record-keeping and submit reports for state and federal PACs.


Media relations, marketing, networking, regulatory matters, and member education.

Community Development

Development, construction, and maintenance of housing by public agencies and localities.

Professional Societies

Top-level insurance managers nationwide, associations of landscape architects, business owners, and national speakers.

How Can We Help You?

Whatever your organization’s challenges are, let’s face them together.

Whether full-service or a la carte, OMG can help your organization thrive.

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"As President of the Tidewater Mortgage Bankers Association, we took a leap of faith and moved from a paid executive director to OMG for the management of our organization over 25 years ago. I currently still serve on the TMBA Board of Directors. OMG is not only a very professional organization but also handles the administerial work, which gives our board and members the ability to continue with our day-to-day “real jobs.” During our term with OMG, our organization has grown and runs very smoothly. The continuity of having OMG manage our group has been a real asset over the years as board members transition off the board. I have known Gail Phillips (OMG Senior Vice President Association Management, Client Care) for over 30 years and would highly recommend Gail and OMG to any group."

Sarah Stedfast

Past President, Tidewater Mortgage Bankers Association