Our diverse client roster ensures that no matter what industry you’re in, OMG is the perfect fit.


OMG provides full-service management to associations of physician assistants, occupational therapists, and dental hygienists. Industry regulations, membership marketing, and grant submittals are our specialty. OMG helps recruit speakers and manage papers.

Real Estate

OMG works with residential and commercial brokers, agents, single-family and multi-family property managers, appraisers, and housing officials. We handle Code of Ethics, lobbying, awards programs, MLS, forms, and more.

Political Action Committees

Several OMG clients have state and federal PACs. We organize contribution campaigns, handle record-keeping and submit reports. OMG staff assists each Board of Trustees in deliberations on expenditures and in maintaining compliance with all regulations.


Media relations, marketing, networking events, regulatory matters, and member education are regular responsibilities OMG has in the financial industry.

Community Development

OMG clients include public agencies and localities that use federal, state, and local funds for the development, construction, and maintenance of housing.

Professional Societies

Top-level insurance managers nationwide, associations of landscape architects, business owners, and national speakers find OMG to be their perfect headquarters.

Foundations & Nonprofits

OMG helps foundations and nonprofits maximize their resources to achieve their mission. From housing to medical care to literacy, OMG has supported fundraising and donor relations, business management, and events.

The staff at OMG have decades of experience with all areas of association management. Your organization can benefit from this accumulated knowledge, no matter which services you require.

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Raving Fans

“We want you all to know that we think OMG and our Executive Director are amazing. She is professional, easy to work with, calm, level headed and keeps track of all the moving parts. She makes us feel like we’re her only client. I can’t say enough positive things about our OMG Executive Director.”
Shelley Row

Shelley Row, PE, CSP

Past President, National Speakers Association, Washington, D.C. Area Chapter

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