Eagles Academy of Real Estate Takes Off

Eagles Academy - Learn your way on your time

Virtual-Live Real Estate School Now Offers Pre- and Post- Licensure Classes, Property Management and Business Training

Featuring a unique “virtual live” instructor approach, the Eagles Academy of Real Estate (EARE) is now offering a wide variety of online real estate and property management licensure and continuing education classes to students around the country.

“We’ve overcome the drawback of typical online courses by providing the benefit of actual instructors for questions and answers,” explained Eagles Academy Director Deana Wilson. “With our program, students can take the class from anywhere and at any time and have access to help from experienced educators.”

Along with real estate licensure courses, students may also register for a 16-hour real estate continuing education class, as well as essential business courses like Office 365, customer communications and negotiation skills, using Google Workspace, and writing better emails. Several property management courses are offered in conjunction with the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM®), including office operations, finance, fair housing and ethics.

During her 21 years in both classroom and distance learning course development, Wilson has managed multiple distance learning management systems and course catalogs, specializing in course design work, instructor development and managing learning management systems. “Our Academy staff have many years of education experience, and we have instructors with decades of training on their resumes,” added Wilson.

For more information on Eagles, visit EaglesARE.com, or contact Wilson at 757-410-5953 or Director@EaglesARE.com.